All members must have their valid documents (MMAR/MMPR) along with their SoCo membership card to ENTER the premise. If you do not have this information you will not be permitted to enter the club.

We are a private, member-run medical marijuana collective; we strive to help everyone despite any mental or physical ailments. Our goal is to provide high quality medical cannabis in all its forms (raw form, edibles, processed oil) at the lowest price possible.


  1. All members must be licensed to possess and/or cultivate medical cannabis prior to joining the collective.
  2. We reserve the right to remove any and all members at any point without warning.
  3. Re-selling of all medical cannabis is strictly prohibited.
  4. We do not permit loitering around the club before or after business hours. In addition we do not permit family/guests to accompany you when visiting the club (caregivers excluded).
  5. As a member of the collective you will not consume cannabis around the proximity of the clinic, and/or around young children and/or around people who otherwise do not wish to be exposed.
  6. Please RESPECT all SoCo neighbours and the communities we are located in.
  7. Please turn OFF all Cell Phones prior to entering the clinic out of respect and for the comfort of all members (including patient confidentiality).
  8. We kindly request that you observe these SoCo principles of good behaviour and common sense.
  9. Failure to be compassionate, courteous and polite will not be tolerated, desired or welcomed.