How to Join

In order to maintain our status as a medical organization, we require concrete documentation pertaining to your status as a cannabis user. Please review the list of required documents – we will require digital copies in order to sign up with SoCo.
Please note: personal identification may be requested at our clubs.

*SoCo reserves the right to deny applications.

Are you ready to register?

Please ensure your documents are in order before proceeding to the registration form.

Register Now

We require any one (1) of the following documents + personal identification:


License / Prescription

  • Valid Health Canada License (MMAR)
  • Valid MMPR License / Licensed Producer (LP) Card + Documentation
  • Valid Doctors’ Prescription + Doctor Referral Form (download here)

Personal Identification

  • Drivers License
  • OHIP card
  • Passport

Photo ID may be requested on-site.