1. “I’ve never smoked cannabis, what do I do?”

There is no way to know what the initial reaction to cannabis will be and thus it is recommended to start cannabis at extremely low levels and check patient’s reactions.

There is 2 distinct possible reactions when trying cannabis in any form for the first time.

1. Nothing happens, because you took too little, or your body and mind hasn’t yet recognized it. Wait 1 day and try again next day.

2. Paranoia, because you took too much. Patient will not try again.

The most important thing to note is always start slow and in small doses, then gradually increase.

The patient who never tried cannabis product must try it first while a family member is present. In case of incorrect dosage it is possible to experience paranoia. The best remedy to any cannabis induced/caused paranoia is sugar or chocolate and presence of a family member.

Smoking Cannabis – it’s best to purchase or borrow a vaporizer. A vaporizer is a device that heats cannabis accurately and dispenses it in form of vapour. It is currently the safest way to smoke cannabis. As a quick and cheap alternative a joint is an acceptable temporary alternative. We highly recommend purchasing a vaporizer.

In the presence of a family member heat the vaporizer to 370F and take one single lung-full and exhale (a toke). If you are trying a joint, also take a single toke. Do not hold breath in longer than necessary. Wait for any effect for at least an hour before taking another toke.

We recommend enjoying a low intensity calming activity such as watching TV, reading, or Web browsing. After an hour if no effect is felt try two tokes and wait another hour.

NOTE. If after two tokes the patient still feels no effects it is recommended to wait 24 hours before trying again. It is a known property of cannabis that new smokers can not initially feel cannabis after the first two days of trying. It is also a property of cannabis that after (usually) three days of trying the patient will start feeling the effect of cannabis. Due to the stigma of cannabis and its effects on mental health we always stress the importance of following our dosing method to avoid any stressful reactions.

Eating Cannabis – cannabis in form of food is commonly referred to as “edibles”. It is NOT recommended to try edibles when new to cannabis. Edible products stay in the body for 4 hours and more and thus can have unforeseen effects on new patients. If patient are unable to smoke cannabis, the dose for edible products must start at 5 mg per daily dose and can increase no more than by 10 mg per day. There is a misconception that certain cannabis strains are better than others. This is not true for someone who has never tried cannabis and it is more beneficial to new patients to discover this by themselves without prejudice. On the average an Indica strain will have a similar effect to a sedative, sleepy, slow, pain free experience while a sativa strain will be that of an stimulant, motivating and uplifting experience for the patient. It is our experience that sativa strains often result in a headache and must never be tried first. This however is not a universal experience for beginners. We recommend new patients start off with a hybrid strain for the first time and adjust dose and strain accordingly.

Edible Cannabis Products must be tried on a full stomach.


2. “I’ve smoked cannabis in the 60s”

Cannabis cultivated in the 60s up until the late 80s was grown outdoors and it’s quality was low and inconsistent. In the mid 90s growers started to grow indoors. Indoor cannabis is of higher quality and consistency. The difference between cannabis grown inside and outside is generally reflected in quality and costs. Indoor crops are often better quality and more expensive, while outdoors is cheaper and of lesser quality.

It is best to follow the same technique for you as it is for beginners.


3. “I smoke all the time but I’ve never tried edibles”

Medical cannabis is not much different from cannabis bought on the streets.

The crucial difference lies in cultivation.

Medical Cannabis is never sprayed with any product other than water in the blooming cycle. This includes never spraying any pesticides, soaps, bloom enchanters, mold sprays or anything else. Any product designed for spraying plants while in bloom cycle is not acceptable for proper cannabis cultivation. Only organic techniques can be used for pest control. Medical Cannabis is cultivated until the end of individual strains life, determined by a skilled master grower and often varies from strain to strain and from cycle to cycle. Recreational cannabis is harvested according to a predetermined schedule resulting in sub-par product.

Edibles – please follow the same instructions as for beginners. Eating cannabis edibles, is in no way the same as smoking or vaping. Even the most experienced smoker must follow the same instructions as a beginner.


4. “I smoke cannabis, I’m experienced, but no edibles have ever worked on me”

This is a common complaint. Recreational cannabis is very weak and inconsistent in its effect. If you find that no edibles have ever worked for you, it is possible you are one of very few who have a high tolerance.

Regular cookie as sold by the Social Collective (SoCo) is a standardized product with an approximate strength of 100 mg per cookie. Standard SoCo cookie is lactose and gluten free, as well as vegetarian/vegan. Try one cookie per 4 hours and try only up to 4 cookies per day.

(4x) Cookies as sold by the Social Collective (SoCo) is a standardized product with an approximate strength of 400 mg per cookie.
If you find that 4 of our Regular cookies have no effect try one or two (4x) Cookies.


5. “I want that CBD cannabis. I heard it doesn’t get you high”

There is no such thing as Cannabis that does not create some form of what is commonly referred to as “high” or “stoned”. I would like to clarify some common misconceptions.

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the feeling of “high”. In it’s pure pharmaceutical form it has been sold by prescription since the mid 90s. See Marinol. It has been available and is generally discredited for its ineffectiveness.

CBD is primarily found in hemp and is not psychoactive. CBD by itself shows no medical benefits. CBD can be purchased in a local gas station and has been sold by Walmart since the mid 2000s. It has been available and is generally discredited for its ineffectiveness.

CBD + small amount of THC has shown amazing anecdotal promise in fighting seizures. See Charlotte’s Web.

High amount of THC + small amount of CBD has shown great anecdotal promise in fighting Autism and other psychiatric problems.

Cannabis “high” can be best described as “being very relaxed and having little care in the world”. If you take too much cannabis this can become a “I’m so relaxed I’m gonna melt into the couch” which can be a disconcerting experience to someone who has no experience.


RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), or Phoenix Tears, or Cannabis Oil.

Cannabis oil is made by soaking cannabis buds in a solvent, like alcohol, than evaporating the alcohol thus leaving cannabis oil behind. How long you soak the buds in the solvent determines the quality of the product. For example: soaking buds for 10 seconds gets you Golden Hash Oil, soaking for 1 minute gets you black hash oil, soaking for 1 hour or up to 1 day produces cannabis oil known as RSO or Phoenix Tears.

RSO is the strongest form of cannabis. It is claimed that this product “cures cancer” or “stops seizures”. This claim is only backed by first hand experience and lab experiments, and has not been confirmed by peer reviewed studies.

The misconceptions with RSO

New patients who never smoked cannabis, or who never ate cannabis will experience extreme form of paranoia if RSO is incorrectly dosed.

The claim made by those who advocate for RSO therapy is as follows: take 1/10th of 1 gram per day for first two days or up to one week, 2/10th of a gram for 1 week, 0.5g for one week and then followed by 1 gram of oil per day for 60 to 90 days. Patient can chose to take RSO at any time of the day broken down into doses comfortable to the patient. RSO should be consumed on full stomach.

Improper dosage for a beginner will indefinitely lead to an extreme experience that will cause high level panic and or paranoia.

We highly recommend that new patients who wish to try RSO, follow Step 1 at the beginning of this guide beforehand.