Your body reacts in its own individual way.

Take note: dose slowly at small quantities until your symptoms are relieved.

According to Health Canada, meant as a guide to prescribing doctors and nurse practitioners:

“There are no precise doses or established uniform dosing schedules for products such as fresh marijuana, smoked/vaporized marijuana, or cannabis oil.

Dosing remains highly individualized and relies to a great extent on titration (i.e. finding the right dose where potential therapeutic effects are maximized while adverse or harmful effects are minimized). The most prudent approach to dosing in the absence of evidence-based guidelines is to “start low and go slow.”

It is important to remember that the higher dose of THC or/& CBD are associated with an increased risk of experiencing adverse side effects (“greening out”)

Health Canada underlines the fact that those patients without prior experience with cannabis &/or are administering it for the first time, are cautioned to begin at a very low dose and work your way to a therapeutic level (if not already attained).

Various sources suggest you STOP immediately any ingestion of Cannabis if/when experiencing undesirable side effects.

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