Founded in 1996 by Mark Stupak, SoCo (Social Collective) supports MMAR/MMPR-licensed patient.

With locations across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, our team is comprised of growers and medical users who are capable of answering any and all medical-related cannabis questions you may have.

The team behind SoCo have been using marijuana for medical use for over 2 decades. We have traveled, tested, and experience cannabis in (almost) all forms and will gladly share our experiences and the benefits we have seen with you.

What’s special about the services you offer?

Since 1996 we provide cannabis to patient who would otherwise be arrested or condemned to a life of pain. Service costs are driven primarily by ability to pay. Many patients receive free product, create their own products, share their own products and teach other members how to make and medicate appropriately.

SoCo defends legally those who can’t afford an attorney. SoCo stands as a buffer between the law and patients rights to consume cannabis. We have our own accountants to file your taxes appropriately as a patient and former judge retained as commercial lawyer backup to protect the accounting team. We have retained Alan Yonge, Kendra Stanyon, and Paul Lewin as criminal attorneys. We have retained another minor commercial lawyer Shadad Shimini to review all contracts, sign lease, protect our assets. SoCo is an active member of the innocence project at York University since 2006.

All our members are encouraged and supported to grow their own cannabis. We provide seeds, free information, online grow guide, my number is used as an emergency Grower’s contact forever.

What’s special about the products you offer ?

We offer top-quality medical grade cannabis – produced locally – sold at wholesale prices back to members participating in the co-op… with profits directed at those who completely can not afford it or are unable to grow it themselves.


SoCo Research

SoCo exists to provide insight, foresight, and studies on the production and consumption of medical marijuana. Visit our research & development division to educate and empower yourself about the special qualities surrounding cannabis.

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