Social Collective (SoCo) is a member-run medical marijuana organization and cannabis clinic group.

We are dedicated to producing and processing medical cannabis and marijuana plants for licensed patients. Our medical marijuana dispensaries produce the highest-quality marijuana products.


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Active Patient Care

Soco was founded in 1996 by Mark Stupak and supports Canadians with MMAR and MMPR permits. Our team is comprised of licensed patients who can answer your medical cannabis related questions. We focus on active research & development in order to serve and educate you in the best and most informed way possible.

Multiple Locations

Our locations carry a variety of strains, from mid-level to top-tier strains. Of course, we also stock low-price, high-quality SoCo strains as flagship product.

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Port Credit Location Closed

SoCo Medical
October 28, 2016

Our SoCo Port Credit location will be closed permanently. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Research: Effects of Drinking & Smoking Weed

The reason why people often use a combination of drugs is to either increase the effects of the primary drug taken, or to increase overall intoxication. The effects of either, especially in combination, may be more powerful than anyone can anticipate and can be highly dangerous! Read More »

Largest Seed Bank in Ontario

The Green Leaf Society (formerly Seed Bank) boasts one of the most comprehensive cannabis seed libraries worldwide. For more information on purchasing seeds, growing cannabis, and other related information, please visit

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A Letter from our Founder

Re: Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

Marek Stupak
August 13, 2016

SoCo and its foundation,, have always been in the business of supporting personal growing for people with real medical needs alleviated by cannabis. We cautiously welcome the new medical regulations and would like to assure our members that nothing has changed internally. SoCo is and has always supported your right to grow.

Until your gardens start producing, SoCo will continue to provide effective strains, advice, assistance, and medicine when and if your crop isn’t there. SoCo is ready to start offering clones, seeds and advice to medical patients ready to start growing.

Be ready for the new regulations! E-mail to set up an appointment with our doctor.

Please stay tuned for detailed ACMPR information.

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