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New Location: SoCo Port Credit

Re: SoCo Port Credit Opening

Chantal & Jason
Sept 19, 2016

The people behind SoCo Port Credit have been proponents of legalized cannabis for medical and social use for over 2 decades. Combined, our team has nearly 80 years experience with cannabis. Some of us are former growers, and some of us have traveled to many of the world’s cannabis hotspots to study how legalization and open-market distribution have affected these countries, both socially and economically. We are all medical cannabis patients with an understanding of the different effects associated with various strains and delivery methods, so we understand not only what you are going through, but how to help you determine what may be best for you.

Our clients are Canadians who have had to resort to cannabis for assistance with a wide range of ailments. We are a private club and as such, require that all of our clients go through the SoCo intake process to receive access to compassionate cannabis products.

We carry a growing selection of top-grade cannabis products from a variety of respected sources. All of our products are selected and tested by experts with over 20 years’ worth of experience in growing and studying cannabis. Our experts have traveled to most of the world’s cannabis hotspots to study the product, market, and effect cannabis has has on these regions, both medically and socially.

We offer spectacular customer service, pre-screening for intake appointments, and any accessories you might need.

SoCo Port Credit’s weekly business hours are Tuesday – Friday 12pm-8pm, Saturday 12pm-6pm. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

See you soon!
Chantal & Jason
SoCo Port Credit

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Update: A Letter from our Founder

Re: Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

Marek Stupak
August 13, 2016

SoCo and its foundation,, have always been in the business of supporting personal growing for people with real medical needs alleviated by cannabis. We cautiously welcome the new medical regulations and would like to assure our members that nothing has changed internally. SoCo is and has always supported your right to grow.

Until your gardens start producing, SoCo will continue to provide effective strains, advice, assistance, and medicine when and if your crop isn’t there. SoCo is ready to start offering clones, seeds and advice to medical patients ready to start growing.

Be ready for the new regulations! E-mail to set up an appointment with our doctor.

Please stay tuned for detailed ACMPR information.

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Soco was founded in 1996 by Mark Stupak and supports people with MMAR and MMPR permits. Expanding rapidly with locations in North York (SoCo HQ), and Vaughan (SoCo North), our team is comprised of currently licensed patients who can answer any medical cannabis related questions.